photo victoriast.jpg Oddities Clothing came out of the Edinburgh clothing store called Odd Man Out started by Walker Slater in 1993 and changed to Odd One Out with the arrival of women's wear in 2000. 

Susie Wright studied illustration at Edinburgh College of Art and gained her Masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London. Oddities was formed with her beautiful illustration of the scottish wildlife and urban space, which helped define the style of the company. She continues to operate from London where she works as an illustrator and printmaker.

Dominic Sum Flannigan was a graduate of Glasgow School of Art in 2005. He then worked in London and Chicago only to return to Scotland to work with Oddities and run the electronic record label and artist collective called LuckyMe.

WS Printing own the brand and continue to work together under the name Oddities to promote the work of artist's around us and to make honest designs out of our environment and various inspirations.

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